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Equipment to get more Speed

Action nonstop, if there is enough wind..........

Only for the need of Speed

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My equipment:


Bic Allegro (old, but also really fast)
F2 Missile (highwind speed, only two runs 2009 :-> result: 58,7km/h)
Naish Hybrid Slalom (fun with 6,0)
Starboard i-sonic 101 ( for the Top Speed)
Tabou Manta75 (also for speed, realy, realy fast: top speed 2009--> 59,4km/h)
Starboard i-sonic 133 (vervy fast by lightwind, top speed this year--> 58,9km/h)


Neil Pryde MPR 5,0 (for wave contitions)
North Sails Warp f-06 5,4 (highwind speed, what else)
Severne Gator 6,0 (only to have fun)
North Sails Ram f-08 6,3 (speed, what else)
North Sails Warp f-08 6,3 (speed,what a question)
Gaastra Vapor 7,0 (also speed)
Severne Code Red 7,7 (only speed)
Gaastra Vapor 8,2 (lightwind speed, but also very fast)
Neil Pryde V8 Streed Racer 9,4 (very lightwind speed and crusing)